About our online store

We start FASTPED from a small town in India. FASTPED is a combination of two words, fast and pedal which means fast peddling. In small towns, cycling is considered either a ride for the poor or suitable for children. Very few people take up cycling for health and passion and when it comes to a good cycling experience, not only a good bicycle but also a good cycle accessories and comfortable products are needed that are not easily available in smaller towns. To buy these, either one has to go to the big showrooms of big cities or there are few selected websites which charge very high prices for these products. That's why we started FASTPED to provide the common cyclist with high quality products at his doorstep at the lowest prices. Today we are providing Bicycle Spare Parts & Accessories very easily at very low prices at almost every place all over India. We are constantly expanding our product list to make world class products easily available at their doorstep.